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Daniels Law Group provides legal services to individuals and companies concerning immigration issues. Our firm represents a wide range of clientele ranging from foreign national investors, multinational companies and professionals seeking temporary work visas, and those seeking permanent residence and naturalization. Though located in Florida and New York, we provide representation for clients globally. We assist in employment-based immigration (H and L Visas) and family-based immigration matters; these include student visas, temporary work visas, green card, citizenship applications, as well as trader and investor visas (E1, E2, EB5).

Each client is unique and requires a distinct approach to accomplish their immigration goals. Through years of experience, our immigration attorneys have mastered the challenges posed by the U.S. immigration system.  We offer solutions to create a successful path for our clients to live, work, or do business in the United States.

H1B Filings As April 1, 2018 approaches USCIS will commence accepting new H1B visa quota-based applications. Due to the federal government’s fiscal calendar year, the earliest date to start new employment will be no sooner than October 1, 2018. As cap space is limited, it is important to file petitions for this type of visa on time. Do not wait.

International Joint Ventures – With international joint ventures there are a number of statutes, regulations, and legal requirements that must be understood by those involved, including the overseas partners, the U.S. business executives, the investment bankers and the professional advisors. We can help in negotiating and drafting international joint venture agreements.

Offshore Corporate Trusts – We can help develop offshore financial plans or offshore structures that enhance the privacy, protection and performance of your financial affairs. Such a plan involves holding personal or corporate wealth outside of your country where it is subject to greater secrecy regulations, low or no tax, and local regulations that protect your investment structures.

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